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Customer service

Like for like car hire

All types of car repairs

Claims Services
Our Claims Services Include:

  • Immediate Evaluation of Claim Details
  • Vehicle Recovery from anywhere in the UK
  • Coordinate Independent Vehicle Inspection
  • Provision of a Comparable Replacement Vehicle
  • Organisation of the Vehicle Repairs
  • Full Legal Representation
  • Recovery of Lost Earnings
  • No Excess to Pay
  • Your No Claim Bonus Remains Intact

Credit Repair

Whether you are insured on a third party basis or not at all, we may be able to arrange for repairs to your vehicle and claim back the cost directly from the third party’s Insurance Company. You won’t need to pay your excess and any no claim bonus will remain protected.

Credit Hire

No courtesy car available or maybe it’s not suitable for your needs? Don’t worry, we will take care of that matter and provide you with a replacement vehicle comparable to your current one. This will be with immediate effect if your own vehicle is legally un roadworthy or if roadworthy for the time your vehicle is booked in for repairs. We will recover the cost directly from the third party’s insurance company. Simply explain the situation to our friendly claims advisor and we will do the rest.

Accident Management
& Vehicle Recovery

Fast Response accident management.
Car repairs and breakdown service
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Vehicle Repairs

Motor repairs for all makes and models.
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Courtesy Car

Suitable courtesy car
Small cars to prestige
and commercial vehicles

Executing a high level of service in every aspect

Prestige and Commercial Vehicle

As already indicated, we are not limited in the range of replacement vehicles we can offer. Clients whose vehicles may be classed as “prestige” can therefore expect to receive a similarly prestigious vehicle whilst their own is repaired. Equally, clients who require a commercial vehicle will also be given a suitable replacement, with short, medium or long wheelbase types all available.

Vehicle Recovery and Repair

At Fast Response we can be at your assistance with immediate effect on road side after an accident has taken place. This will enable us to carry out all the correct procedures so we are then able to make sure the best outcome will be for you.

After the accident has taken place if you contact ourselves we will then make sure one of our drivers will be at your assistance. This will also mean that your vehicle will then be recovered to one of our secure indoor storage compound ready for our specialist engineer to inspect your vehicle the next working day.